Poviedka na tému týždňa: Duchovia - 私はすでにあなたを去った。しかし、私はまだあなたを愛して。 - I left you already. But I still love you.

11. july 2011 at 20:21 | Spirit |  My fictions, poems a.k.a Strangulated Things In My Head
Title: 私はすでにあなたを去った。しかし、私はまだあなたを愛して。 - I left you already. But I still love you.
Chapters: 1/1 (oneshot; a really small drabble - 204 words)
Pairing: Predstavte si koho chcete.
Language: English
Warnings: Obsahuje mierny odkaz na homosexualitu. + moje chyby.
A/N: Na tému týždňa - Duchovia. Taktiež, toto je môj prvý článok na tému týždňa. Dúfam, že vám to nebude pripadať chaotické s tým "he" a "his".

A small person, in the corner of the room, was producing some noises that we can call sobs. He was sad, upset and he was feeling miserable - that all was clear.
"Why?" This small word escaped his lips. His puffy lips were parted, eyes swollen and red from all those tears. He couldn't say anything else from the pain, that his heart was producing.
He felt a hand on his arm - it was a slight brush, but he felt it. And he knew, that it was his hand. A quick turn around, but he saw nothing; no indications that anyone was there.
But he felt a small kiss on his own cheek and his sobs stopped, his heart skipped some beats and he was sitting in the corner like an ice statue.
"A-are..." His voice failed. He didn't know what to said; he was speechless like hell now. And the pain, and the feeling that someone - or something - was there with him, wasn't helping at all. "A-are... you... h-here?" He finally said, with a cracked voice.
A small whisper next to his ear has revealed everything. "I love you." And with that, the feeling that someone was with him, was gone.


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