I saw wut u did thar

11. july 2011 at 17:32 | Spirit |  My fictions, poems a.k.a Strangulated Things In My Head
lol. K tomuto sa nevyjadrujem, dobre? Proste... prsty mi behali po klávesnici, a nejak mi vznikla poem. Sama neviem, ako som sa dostala z kreslenia na písanie, ale v pohode. Ani sa to nerýmuje. A ešte... warnings: coughtieslovácough. a je to po anglicky.

drawing with a blood on the digital paper
like applying a butter on a slice of bread
this will be a disaster...
you're already dead

why are you still breathing
I saw that you had a brain damage
now you're on the bed, sitting
you're out of your rage
how did you do that?

I'm not blind, you're just deaf
playing a card game with knifes
I have a secret card in my sleeve
you cannot see it twice

my mum told me, that I'm such a bastard
maybe she was right
but she can't do anything with my habit of castration

you're out of your breath
I strangulated you
you're out of your vision
I burned it off
you're out of your life
I just fucking killed you.


1 Nataly Nataly | Web | 14. july 2011 at 13:46 | React

ty musíš mať riadne rada tú angličtinu že? xD

2 KIRAmilK KIRAmilK | Email | Web | 16. july 2018 at 15:01 | React

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